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Activist Websites: Do we rank?

I believe that this website is "on to something". I think it's going to be incredibly successful and rank amongst the top (english speaking) activist websites.

Sometimes it's good to check-in and compare this ambition to reality.

October 2004 - we got 88,000 unique visiters, and 123,000 visits (excluding search engine robots). This statistic comes from Awstats (a free log analyzer). claims 729,000 visits in the last month. This number should be compared to our 123,000 figure. So we get about 1/6 of the traffic they get. claims roughly half a million visitors per month. This compares to our 88,000 figure - so again we're getting around 1/6 of the action.

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Would you like to be able to do all of the things you can do with on your *own* website?


Use this Online Activism Toolset to Stop a US Occupation of Iran: A Story

Imagine. It is spring 2005 and Bush has been re-elected. The Bush Administration escalates its public relations war on Iran arguing that Iran is supporting the Iraqi resistance, encouraging Islamic fundamentalism, a general threat to democracy in the area, researching and building weapons of massive destruction, and violating the human rights of its people.

The Bush Administration is preparing to go to war against Iran and you want to stop it. What should you do?

Fortunately you know about this online activism system that will help you.

(Note: in general most of the things below are possible. Some things are - Customize it for your Campaign, Issue, or Network

Currently this website provides many powerful tools that you can use to promote a campaign, issue or network.

For instance, when you start a campaign, issue or network you get your own webpage. However the issue pages aren't controlled by anyone, and really you don't have much control over the page of campaign or network.

So we're going to change this by giving you a webpage that is part of the system, but is one that you can make your own.

You will be able to

  • Add a logo
  • Add a text header
  • Describe what you are about
  • Write your own "news"
  • Display events, resources, and groups (or other things) that relate solely to your campaign/issue/network.
  • The buttons for "Add Yourself" or "Add Your Group" will automatically affiliate the newly added person or group with your thing.
  • If you click on "Browse Events" or "Search Resources" from the dropdown JavaScript menu, the default action will be for these actions to take place in the context of events/resources that are connected to your thing. If the user wants to see all of the events, they will be able to click on a link to do so.
  • Show the number of people, groups, events, and resources are linked to your thing - providing users with a sense of the strength of your network and hopefully also its growth.
  • You can choose which functions you want to use. For instance, you might want to not use some functions (like having a database of email lists, or using our campaign updates system) just to keep things simple for your constituents.
  • Where is the Grassroots in Online Activism?

    Is Online Activism

  • Visiting Websites to read news and commentary like Z Magazine, Independent Media, or The Guardian?
  • Donating Money?
  • Subscribing to an Email List?
  • Responding to Action Alerts?

    Where is the grassroots participation in these projects? Indymedia is the only place with a significant level of mass participation, and even there very few people actually write news stories to say nothing of taking pictures or uploading audio or video. When many people start participating, Indymedia gets overloaded with material that most people don't want to read, and you need to start moderating content.

  • Action Alerts for the Masses

    If you are an activist who uses email, you are probably overloaded with Action Alerts.

    You know you should be calling and writing Congress, but you also have a sneaking doubt that it just isn't worth your time.

    I think you are right. I think national action alerts are rapidly losing their effectiveness as people are bombarded by 101 appeals, and email and email petitions are practically useless.

    Fortunately, I believe we can resurrect Action Alerts by creating a grassroots system that focuses on local targets. By targeting people who are not used to being targeted, a small number of emails or calls can make a substantial difference in a local campaign.

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