Activist Websites: Do we rank?

I believe that this website is "on to something". I think it's going to be incredibly successful and rank amongst the top (english speaking) activist websites.

Sometimes it's good to check-in and compare this ambition to reality.

October 2004 - we got 88,000 unique visiters, and 123,000 visits (excluding search engine robots). This statistic comes from Awstats (a free log analyzer). claims 729,000 visits in the last month. This number should be compared to our 123,000 figure. So we get about 1/6 of the traffic they get. claims roughly half a million visitors per month. This compares to our 88,000 figure - so again we're getting around 1/6 of the action. in their FAQ estimate 500,000 - 2 million pages per day for the entire network (lots of sites), or 100,000 for the main US one. By contrast, we got 15,000 pages/day in October. So they claim 33-133 times more traffic (or we're getting roughtly 1/6 of the traffic of the US site). had 158,000 unique visitors in April 2004 - we get about half of that.

On the other hand, I think our quality of traffic is lacking and worse than other sites. I'm pretty sure that a lot of our visitors come to the site and quickly leave. According to Awstats 80% of them stay 30 seconds on less.


Another way of measuring how important a webpage/website is, is to examine its Google PageRank. Pagerank is a logarithmic scale (with an estimate based of 5-10) - so having a 6 is perhaps 5-10 times better than having a 5. To get a good PR you need links from popular sites. You can see PageRank with the Google toolbar or several other utilities (one exists for Mozilla).

Our website has been a solid 6 for over a year (only once slipping to a 5 for a couple weeks). - 8 - 8 - 8 - 7 - 7 - 7 - 6

Most national student activist groups get 6.