Ghirardelli Introduces 60% Double Chocolate Chips

Ghirardelli has replaced their Double Chocolate Chips with new 60% Double Chocolate Chips. The older chips had a lower cocoa content (perhaps 50-53%).

Unfortunately, Ghirardelli also added Milk Fat to their chips. Thus making them non-vegan. This is very sad, as they had been producing the best chocolate chips that I've tasted, and were also doing a good job of breaking the whole "vegans cannot eat chocolate" myth.

I called Ghirardelli to confirm this, and learnt that the amount of Milk Fat in their product is between 1-2%.

Up until now I've been a relatively strict vegan, who eats honey, but doesn't eat anything that I know contains even just 1g of dairy -- unless it is going to be thrown out (so that I'm not adding to the oppression/environmental costs of dairy).

Now I've got a major moral dilemma because 1-2% milk fat is only 3-7g/bag, and I really don't know of any good competing dark chocolate chips (Trader Joes does ok bars, but they're often not in stock). I could buy up Whole Foods stock of the old chips, but they charge $4.50/bag, whereas Super Fresh has the new ones on sale for $2.50.

Sam's Club has them

This must be a special purchase but I just bought Ghiradelli double chocolate bittersweet chips in a 3 lb bag for $7.88 at Sam's Club in Northlake, Illinois. I don't know if all Sam's Clubs have them. I couldn't find them on the Ghiradelli web-site and I wondered if these were the same as the 60% cacao chips - and I found your blog. I am now better informed. I think that the 60% are wonderful and they make delicious cookies. I used the recipe on the bag of semi sweet chips which is the same recipe as is on this bag of double chocolate bittersweet chips. I tried a small amount in some oatmeal cookies I made and they are delicious. I don't think I can really tell the difference. The 60% are better than the semi sweet in a cookie and I like that they are a bigger chip (as is the double chocolate). Actually I have used less chips in the cookie recipe than suggested because they are so rich that you don't need so many chips. So for those of you still sad about the change, find a friend who has a Sam's Club membership if you don't have your own.


They're just not the same!

I am not a vegan... but my friend made some great cookies with the Double Chocolate Chips. He did a blind taste test on me using the new chips, and I immediately knew the difference. The 60% chips just don't match up. We're in Wisconsin and tried another brand that started with a "g"... it may be Guittard, but I am not sure. We are savoring every last chip of our small supply... and looking for places to get more!

Ghirardelli Needs to Bring Back Double Chocolate Chips!

Wow I thought I was the only one! I'm not vegan, either, but Ghirardelli's double chocolate chips are the best chocolate I've ever tasted. I use them for all my baking (and snacking). I bought out all the local Ralphs supermarkets and I don't know what I'll use when my supply runs out. Has anyone found a good substitute? Their new 60% chips are terrible. We all need to write in to Ghirardelli, but somehow I don't think it will help. :-(

A tragic move by Ghirardelli

Though I am not vegan, I also found this a tragic switch. I have been buying up all the old style Double Chocolate chips I can find. The new chips taste like truffles. Way too rich. The old kind were by far the best chocolate on the planet as far as I'm concerned.

Anyone know why they made this change?

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Chips

Do you still have a bag of the Double Chocolate Chips? I've been looking for a recipe that I think was on the bag for Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies - if anyone has this recipe, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

I have a couple bags, but

I have a couple bags, but they didn't have the chocolate chip cookie recipe. I could do it from memory, but it'd be rough.