Activism Network - Internationalization

Currently the Activism Network software will only work well for users in Canada and the US (or other countries that are really really small).

The major limitation that is stopping its productive use in English-speaking countries is that I'd need national databases of zip/postal codes that would include a longitude and latitude.

For instance, I would love to expand this software to work in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and perhaps the Phillipines (note: the Phillipines has one of the highest rates of use, however it also might require bilingual support) - however I need to get postal code databases for these countries. Ideally I'd like to get free databases, but if they can be obtained for a small cost (<$100) then I might be willing to do it, especially if one or more activists in those countries expressed interest in using the software.

If I got these databases, I'd do some work customizing things like the phone entry data format - to support international phone numbers.

The other major limitation to internationalization is going beyond English - that will take more significant work.

If you know of any free/cheap databases of postal codes and longitude/latitude (for English speaking countries outside the US/Canada) - let me know!

There is a free postcode database....

There is a free postcode database of Australia. I hope it may help you : )

(It is a .csv file, so you can open it with Excel ,and import it to access or other database system)



Hi Aaron,

Have you looked into getting information about Mexico? I know you're focused on English speaking countries, but I'm wondering if we shouldn't focus on our Hemisphere first.

Chad Lupkes

Re: Mexico

I don't know Spanish. I would like to see my software translated into Spanish (it would be very helpful for the USA too), and other languages, but I don't have the time to implement the code so that other people could do the translations.

I hope to get to it in the future.