US election watch 2006

Ok, the US Senate Race for Virginia:

According to CNN (8:50pm or so)
Allen 672,282 50%
Webb 661,955 49%
Parker 14,819 1%

According to VA Election Boards (8:50pm)
Allen Republican 679,127 50.33%
Webb Democratic 653,942 48.46%
Parker Independent Green 14,957 1.11%
Write Ins 1,303 0.10%

How can Allen have 7000 more votes at the VA Election board results (that have tended to be more updated than the CNN ones) and Webb have 8000 less votes???

I figure CNN would be getting the results after the VA election board, in which case you wouldn't expect that a canidate's vote count would drop...

I guess it's possible that there are two voting number sources?

Note: the Green Independent is a conservative who has nothing to do with the official Green Party (though apparently an authentic VA phenomenon - as they are fielding canidates in other elections). Likely stealing votes from the Democrats too...

Exit Polls have the Democrats (and Lieberman) winning 51 seats. Though Missouri is close (within 2%). Lierberman is getting 70% of the Republican vote in CT, so he isn't really a Democrat though he promised to caucus with them and thus give them a majority if they get 51 seats (or 50 seats plus his).


As of 9:09pm, the CNN

As of 9:09pm, the CNN numbers are showing a 10,000 vote difference (Webb is ahead), whereas the VA state board is showing 31,000.