Network Centric Activism Software

ONE Northwest (an environmental tech group) has a blog called Movement As Network that advocates for an increased focus on networking (and a downplaying of organizational ego) if one wants to build social movements and be successful.

See their paper.

I think the Activism Network software is Network-Centric. We emphasize the network. There isn't any one organization that comes close to even being a tenth or a twentieth of the site's content. Instead the site includes over a thousand activist groups that belong to over a hundred networks. These groups (and people) are involved in hundreds of different campaigns.

But yet these thousand groups, hundred networks, and thousands of people are all related. To varying degrees, we are on the same side and often belong to the same progressive social movements.

There are other websites that emphasize networking however they make the following mistakes:
1) Focus on social networking - it is important, but it is a different form of networking than that required to build activist movements and tends to overload you with a lot of useless information.

2) Creation of pseudo-groups. Instead of including real organizations, they create fake internet-based interest groups. These groups are fine for categorizing people, but as they do not generally engage in any action - they are of less use for movement-building.

Thus if you are looking for Movement as Network software, look no further!

Other Materials Network

Other Materials
  • Network Centric Advocacy by Martin Kearns.
  • Networks and Philanthrophy