A Release is Coming Soon to a Website Near You

Ok, I'm serious. I mean it. A real release. Mass chaos. Security issues. Error messages galore. Bugs. Struggling at 3am to fix things, because traffic is lower then and less people will notice.

I'm hoping to convert campusactivism.org (and activismnetwork.org) over to Version 3.0 of this software that has been in development for about TWO YEARS.

It will mostly look like activismnetwork.org does now. However there is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. For instance I tried to make everything better organized and simpler (ex. the number of MySQL tables will fall from around 70 to around 50). There is better documentation of the code. I've got decent international support which I'm inviting developers to test out by installing the software on their own website. I wrote an installation guide and made it easier to install.

So this site might go down for a day or two (the main part of it, the blog should stay up and so should the forum). Hard to say what exactly will happen because I have to make some changes to the database (and the database is over 300mb). I'm backing everything up, taking it off-line (so people don't add/edit things), converting, testing the new version, fixing bugs, and then putting it back online.

Meanwhile site traffic is at an all-time record. It probably hit 7100 visits on Monday (second day ever that traffic is over 7000/day, thanks to Yahoo). Pretty good for an August! Thus it isn't a good time to upgrade, but what can you do? If you get really bored, check out the cached version of the site in Google's cache.

It Works!

It was down for two days, but it looks like it is working pretty well. For several hours it was unexplicably 5 to 50 times slower then it should be (I complained to my host, but they didn't provide a reasoned response), but it unexplicably got better.

It's still slower than I'd like. I'm wondering if getting rid of all the iframes would help? Or perhaps some kind of caching scheme.