Idea: A Bitcoin Black Market for Immigration Services

I think that someone should create a black market (or maybe grey if located in the right country) for coyotes and other people providing illegal assistance to US immigrants. I think such a market could save dozens of lives annually and make the owner a lot of money (assuming they avoid arrest).

Over the past ten years, between 150 and 500 people have died each year crossing the US and Mexico border.

The crossing fee is apparently $1500-$2500 from Mexico to the US. The entire Coyotaje industry is estimated at $5 billion.

I'm not an expert, but I've also heard stories of Coyotes or others, extorting people for extra money.

A bitcoin illegal immigration services market could provide reviews of services which should increase the number of people getting across the border and decrease the number of deaths. The market could escrow the money - so that coyotes are only paid if the person gets across the border. This would be great at reducing scams and people getting caught by modern slavery (eg. cases of workers immigrating to the US and getting forced to work at sweatshops to pay off their fee).

This wouldn't necessarily be limited to the US/Mexico border - as there are immigrants from many other countries that come to the US and typically pay much higher fees.

There doesn't appear to be any downside to this market. Unlike the black markets for drugs (like Silk Road), immigration isn't addictive. This market would likely increase border crossing - but it would mostly be people going back and forth between their birthplace (to see friends and family) and the US. It'd probably have a small impact on increasing immigration, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Note: I've got no plans of doing this myself, nor do I know anyone who would! Though I bet some people on might be interested.