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We have over 80 users of our Energy Justice Community Map project and the website is picking up speed!

If you care about the planet and the people who live on it, you might consider getting involved in the grassroots movement to stop global warming and the pollution caused by power plants and dirty waste facilities.

While governments fail to take anywhere near sufficient action, my guess is that in 10-20 years we are going to see tens of thousands of people blockading and occupying power plants. It might look like the return of the Civil Rights movement or something totally different.

We're currently still in the very early stages of a massive social movement that is going to last twenty years or more.

The Energy Justice Network is facilitating networking. We are building connections between activists who fight dirty power plants (and landfills and incinerators) in their backyard and are united on the principle that dirty power plants should not be built *anywhere*. We're at the forefront of exposing that biomass energy (burning trees, crop waste, and other things) is *dirty* energy, not renewable, and not a solution. We also have networks tackling coal, gas, nuclear power, and incinerators.

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