Detroit Incinerator - Mapping Income - United States Social Forum 2010

This is my first take on mapping income near the Detroit Incinerator.
They are going to have a big protest of the facility during the US Social Forum.

I'm using Census 2000 data and FactFinder. Per capita income is from
1999. I copied and pasted FactFinder images together for the 482xx
series of zip codes. You can see that the incinerator (marked as black
blob) is in the middle of an industrial area where the per capita income
is zero (because there are zero people).

There is a very low income area surrounding this industrial zone, where
capita income is often in the $8000-$10000 range. There are some lower-middle class areas - however you should note that almost all of the
areas, except the two darkest green ones are below the US average income.

The waterfront and the suburbs have above average income.

Website for the Rally: