Towards a Google PageRank 7

Sometime within the next two years, I hope this website will get a Google PageRank of 7 for its homepage. Of course, by that time it might not matter or Google might alter its ranking system.

This website currently gets a 6. But what kind of 6? 6 is pretty broad, considering Google uses a logarithmic scale. A high "6" could be up to ten times better than a low "6". What makes it more interested is how website traffic increases exponentially at a certain stage in the rankings. Eg when your site is ranked #40 for a term you get about zero traffic, whereas if you are in the top 5 sites you can do really well. So if nudging your site from a 6 to 6.5, increases your ranking from #40 to #10, your search engine traffic will increase by ten fold or more (for that term).

So I try to speculate as to whether my website is a high or low 6.

One source of answers is the Google Directory (really the Open Directory of - with PageRank added). It supposedly ranks websites by Google PageRank. Actually I don't believe it, because if you click on websites and get the PageRank using the Google Toolbar - you often get different values than those from this directory. I believe that it is an imperfect indicator of PageRank. Eg if your website ranks higher in Google Directory than other sites with the same PageRank number (6 in my case), then you probably have a high "6".

(On the other hand it is possible that Google makes the order random to mess with search engine optimizers. Try using the command in Google which used to provide a good list of sites that listed to your website. For the past several months, Google has intentionally made the command useless by having it only display a random set of links to your website.)

This website is in the Student Political Google directory. We rank #4 out of 140 groups. We rank above a lot of PR 6 pages. However there are not any PR 7 pages in this directory, so one cannot tell how close this website is to being a PR 7.