Upcoming Activist Events - Importing into Google Calendar and other calendars

You can import the events from CampusActivism.org into Google Calendar, your website calendar, and other calendars by using these links:
Upcoming Events
All Events

These feeds are based on the iCal format which is widely used by calendars.

When the CampusActivism.org calendar updates, then your calendar will as well!

We also break down the feed by geographical scope of the event. So you can choose to only include events that are national, regional, state, or another geographical scope. For instance, if you wanted to exclude local events then you could import the international, national, regional, state, and metro calendars. Or you might want to exclude metro events as well.

Upcoming International Events
All International Events

Upcoming National Events
All National Events

Upcoming Regional Events
All Regional Events

Upcoming State Events
All State Events

Upcoming Metro Events
All Metro Events

Upcoming Local Events
All Local Events